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A Figment Farewell

Hello, Figment fam! My name is Johannah Hagen, and for the past few months I have had the greatest opportunity working alongside Abby at Figment Branding. I was brought on board at the beginning of January for a student placement which was a requirement for my last semester at Mohawk College. When I first set out looking for a placement back in the Fall, I was having a difficult time landing a company that could take on a student within the new year. I eventually came across Figment Branding while looking on Google, and immediately felt connected to the brand. Abby’s style, work and talent was incredible, and I thought we would be a great fit together. When I eventually connected with Abby, I discovered she was also a past student from Mohawk College and was really hoping to learn from her as her success as a designer and her business was inspirational.

Placement Begins

When the day finally came after the holidays to start my placement, I felt incredibly nervous. During my experience at Mohawk College, I felt most confident as a designer with packaging and within print, and although I had experience with branding, it felt a little intimidating at first. As I am sure a lot of people feel, there was a feeling of failure that lingered, and I was wondering if I would be good enough to take on this role. After meeting Abby, and experiencing a few days of the placement, I built up my confidence and felt incredibly supported by any concerns or questions I had on this new journey. We started off small and worked on some fun projects for Abby’s blog, and eventually nearing the end of my placement dove into bigger projects and worked on some logo designs, and branding guidelines. I have honed my skills within this experience, and with proper guidance and constructive feedback, I feel not only more confident as a designer, but confident within myself.

Challenges and Solutions

Experiencing a student placement allows you to gain more in-depth knowledge and experience than learning in a classroom can. Challenges arise when working with real clients and can be a hurdle to get over when you start off, but it is something that gets easier with practice and communication. Having a proper set up and staying organized was helpful for these situations, alongside receiving revisions. Revisions made by the clients and by Abby were something I found super beneficial when challenges arose, that helped influence better decision making while designing, and be more purposeful when creating. Time management was something that came as a surprise to me when working outside of the classroom. I thought I was pretty good when it came to managing my time, especially for projects, but I realized that was because I would work on thingsat my own time and pace. It was a big adjustment having to create during certain times of the day, this helped prepare me before entering the workforce. With help from Abby, I have learned to design in a more efficient way, and I was shown helpful programs and apps to improve not only my quality of work but my capabilities of getting things done faster.

What’s Next

There is so much possibility since graduating from Mohawk College, and I hope to work with a company that was as awesome as Figment Branding. I originally thought I would go into print or packaging before starting this placement, but Figment Branding has opened so much more. I plan for now to learn more about web design, and work with a company to do packaging or branding. I also want to create artwork to sell on the side and have a smalldream of also making children’s books one day as well! Although I was incredibly sad to leave Figment Branding, it truly has been an amazing time over the last few months, and inspiring to see how far Figment Branding has come. I have learned so much and have had a great experience being able todo something I love every week, and I especially enjoyed working and collaborating with Abby and with her clients. I owe my family, my friends, and my boyfriend Derrick a huge shout out for also helping me persist my dream with graphic design and get me to where I am today. I hope to learn more as I progress through my career as a graphic designer, and I owe Abby a huge thank you for her patience, and willingness to help pass her talent on to me! Thanks so much, it has been amazing!

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