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Accessibility Should Never Be An Add On

Accessibility within the design space is a topic that isn’t usually highlighted, but it’s a topic that is beyond important. When designing for clients, Figment Branding puts accessibility first, ensuring that all colours have great contrast, all fonts are easily read, and most importantly, all websites are up to accessibility standards. We pride ourselves on our accessible design- as we think about this from the get-go! Accessibility needs to be considered throughout the whole design process to truly be effective.

15% of the worlds population has a disability of some kind, according to the World Health Organization. Why leave out this 15% when it comes to your business— whether it’s an online shop, a service-based business, or a portfolio? Everyone who wants to check out your website should be able to check out your website, and that is why designing with accessibility in mind is so important.

Accessible design starts from the root- the brand design. Things like legible fonts, white space consideration, and contrast between colour combinations are beyond important. If the foundation of your brand isn’t accessible, it’s going to be very hard to create a fully branded website that is.

Lately, I’ve seen more and more people and design studios posting about accessibility, which is amazing to see! I am so glad that designers are taking into consideration something they may not have thought about before. Like mentioned earlier, accessibility should always be a key factor in design, and should always be included automatically in services.

If you, as a business owner, see someone charging more for an “accessibility package”, you need to take a step back and think about it! Would you charge someone extra for something that should already be a given?

Accessible design truly needs to become the standard across all avenues of design, but especially web design. Creating an online inclusive space starts with the web designers, and that’s why it is just so important to implement these measures now, and not at a later time, or not as an optional package.

If you’re interested in learning more about accessible design, let’s chat! Whether you are a designer, or a small business wondering if your website is done correctly, I’d love to talk to you about one of my favourite topics!

Catch you next time!

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