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All About Website Audits

Welcome back to another blog post on the Figment Files! Today we are talking all about website audits: what they are, how they can help your business, and how to get one! If you’ve been following my Instagram account (@figmentbranding), you know I love hosting weekly “Web Audit Wednesday”. I’ve briefly talked about what a website audit entails, but let’s dive into deeper detail!


What is a website audit?

A website audit is a review of a website’s performance, design, organization, and more. It highlights the necessary changes that are needed to improve the site, from back-end things like image optimisation and SEO, to user experience things like site organization, brand implementation, and more!

A website audit helps to call out problems your site may have, but they also tell you what you’re doing right on your site(or at least my web audits do- we like to keep things positive)! They serve as a great guiding hand when it comes to your site. Major issues can be brought to light, as well as smaller, easy to fix issues.

In my post-secondary education, I specialized in UX/UI. This knowledge is integral in the website audit process, as it explores the visuals of the website, as well as the ease of use.

UX, or user experience refers to the overall experience a user has when interacting with a website or app. This includes factors such as ease of use, accessibility, efficiency, and organization. User experience is one of the key things I look at when I perform website audits because if I have a hard time trying to navigate your website, it’s also likely that others are having the same problem.

User interface refers to the visual elements and design of a website or app that a user interacts with. This includes things like buttons, menus, forms, and other graphical elements that help users interact with the site. When completing a website audit, I always look for brand consistency, appropriate colour contrast, and other visual elements.

A website audit can also dive into SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In short, improving your website’s SEO will help you get found on Google and rank higher in the search engine. There are many different ways to improve your SEO, and website audits usually highlight that as well!


Why should my business get a website audit?

A website audit is a great way for businesses to see what they can improve upon in the online space. Many businesses start small, and are now much bigger, but they still may be working with that DIY website from a few years back.

Your website is your online store. If users aren’t finding what they want to find in a matter of seconds, they’ll get frustrated and ultimately walk away. Making sure you have an organized, easy to follow site is SO important. You could potentially be missing out on a lot of clients, customers, and prospects.

One of the key benefits of a website audit is that it can help improve website performance and user experience. By identifying and fixing issues related to site speed, navigation, and accessibility, website owners can create a better experience for visitors.


So… how do I get a website audit?

Like I mentioned a bit earlier, I offer free website audits to anyone looking for some direction or tips when it comes to your website! Usually, I post about it on my Instagram story every Wednesday, but feel free to shoot me a DM or an email! My free website audits are split into two sections: what I love about your site, and what can be improved upon. Usually, some of the things that can be improved upon are easy fixes, but sometimes, your website may need a little bit more help. But not to fear! That’s where I come in. If you’re looking for a new look, or a fresh start, let Figment Branding help out!

Our website audits, like all initial calls, are no-pressure at all. You can request a website audit without wanting any service from us, but keep in mind, our audit will go over what your site is potentially lacking!


Overall, a website audit is an important part of maintaining a healthy and effective website. By conducting audits, small business owners can make sure their website is optimized to its fullest extent, and that it is meeting their business goals.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about website audits, and see you next week!

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