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Three (Free!) Ways To Make Your Website More Accessible

Hi there, and happy Friday! Welcome back to the Figment Files! Today, we’re talking about accessibility again. Last week, you learned our feelings about accessibility being an “add-on” service. We always prioritize accessibility needs on all of the websites we create. In this blog post, you’ll learn three free ways to make your website more accessible! Whether you are a web designer just learning more about accessibility now, or a small business owner looking to make changes to your site that may not have these measures in place, keep reading to find out more!


💬 Alt-Text on Images

The first free way to enhance accessibly on your website is by adding alt text to your images! What is alt text? Alt text is a written description attached to photos on your website that visually describes the image. Adding alt-text to images helps people who use screen readers! Some people use the alt-text section to push keywords to help their site get found on Google and other search engines, but it is important to precisely describe the content in the photo in the alt-text section so that people with visual impairments can still get the full experience of the website!


🎨 Contrast Checks (Background colours and text colours)

This isn’t particularly a back-end thing, but it’s so so important! The colours you choose to use on your site impact the usability heavily. I often see light-on-light colours and I find text hard to read. I always like to check my colours with WebAIM Contrast Checker. It tells you if you background colour and foreground colour pass accessibility standards. It’s a super helpful tool, and makes sure that the colour contrast on your site is always good! Think about those who are colour-blind and may see things slightly differently. The site may see fine in contrast for you, but it may be different for others!


📲 Accessibility Widget

Adding an accessibility widget to your site is such an amazing tool to improve your site. Depending on your web builder, there are different options! My personal favourites are OneClick Accessibility for WordPress, and UserWay for Squarespace and others! This widget hangs out usually on the side or bottom of your website, and when clicked, opens up a larger menu of accessibility options. Not to mention, it looks pretty cute too!

Thanks for taking the time to read about accessibility! Let me know if you’re looking to implement any of these tips! As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or inquiries!

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