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What Are Brand Guidelines & Why Your Business Needs Them

The word “brand” gets thrown around a lot within the design industry, but what exactly is a brand? Is it a logo? A business itself? Let’s break it down so you have a better understanding of this common term in design lingo!

By definition, a brand is a perception or emotion that the audience has towards a product, service or company. It’s not just a logo, a colour palette or a tagline, but rather the sum total of all the experiences someone has with a product or service.

So what does it mean when you see a design studio offering branding services? Depending on the company, it can mean different things, but here at Figment Branding, it means setting your business up for success.

Visual identities truly make or break a business’ credibility and professional reputation. How is this all connected?

The verdict is in— patchwork design isn’t cool! A logo with one colour, business cards with all different fonts, and mismatched signage hurts a business more than helps it. Conflicting designs under one business can lead potential customers to perceive them as unprofessional, and even “scammy” at times. When a website looks totally different from their social media, that could be a red flag! Professional, cohesive branding is the solution that so many businesses need!

At Figment, we offer branding packages to suit your business’ needs. At the core of it, our branding packages always include the following items:

  • A main logo

  • A sub logo (usually a horizontal version for different use)

  • An icon logo (suited for social media)

  • A colour palette

  • A font guide

  • A custom brand pattern

  • A brand presentation guide

  • A complete brand booklet

When these items are packaged together and laid out, they are often referred to as “brand guidelines”— a set of specific rules to follow when it comes to the visual identity of your business. At Figment Branding, we split our guidelines into two separate components: a brand presentation, and a brand booklet.

Our brand presentation keeps things simple and pretty. We lay it out in a simpler way when presenting to our clients one on one, and show them exactly what they want to see, which is usually their brand new logos, colours, and fonts!

Our brand booklet takes a more in-depth look at the new visual identity, highlighting things like colour hierarchy, logo violations, white space around elements, accessibility compliance, type kerning and leading, and more nitty-gritty details. Although this may not make total sense to clients (just yet!), it is more than important to supply the client with the complete brand booklet, so if they are ever to take their design needs elsewhere, they are set up for success.

At their core, these items will truly transform your business. Whether you are just starting out and launching your brand into the world, or doing a re-haul of your current business, brand guidelines are integral in growing your business and staying consistent.

Are you a graphic designer? What are your must haves when you’re designing brand guidelines? If you’re not quite sure where to start, be sure to check out our Creative Market shop where we are now offering a brand guidelines booklet template!

Are you a business owner? Does your business have a set of brand guidelines that you abide by? Keep it locked for more blog posts coming your way soon!

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